Posted in: University Posted on: Dec 30th, 2015

Ace Your Next Exam by Studying at These 3 Spots Near VCU

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Virginia Commonwealth University off-campus living is a lot of fun, but it’s important that you don’t let all that fun catch up on you. While it’s okay to go out partying with friends every now and then, it’s important to remember that your coursework and grades should be your top priority. And to ensure that you don’t slip up in class, it’s crucial that you find a few decent places where you can study, write essays, and do your homework. To help, here’s a list of the best study spots near Virginia Commonwealth University.

Cabell Library Study Spaces

The Cabell Library offers group and quiet study spaces along with an Innovative Media department. This is a well-planned study space that offers whisper-only rooms and collaborative and computing study spaces. There is a Starbucks on the first floor, just in case you need a little bit of caffeine to power your late night study sessions. You’ll also get quick and courteous IT help in the event your laptop or tablet goes down.

Academic Learning Transformation Lab

The Academic Learning Transformation Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University aims to engage with students and provide them with an academically challenging, intellectually meaningful interaction with faculty and peers in a supportive campus environment. You’ll find a place for collaboration for experimentation and opportunity in any field of study. The aim is to help students learn principles that empower and equip them to learn effectively and continuously throughout their lives. It involves peer-led learning, assessment, and feedback, as well as shared goals through community learning. This is a great opportunity for students to improve their study habits. It is located online and at 1000 Floyd Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.

VCU Writing Center

The VCU Writing Center is a place you can go to get a variety of support services to improve your academic standing. The center aims to help students become strong writers, as this will positively impact most of their college work. While the center doesn’t edit or proofread papers, it will provide help with bigger issues such as organization, structure, and articulation. You can have a conversation with an expert before you turn in your writing.

Located at 1000 Floyd Avenue on the fourth floor of the Academic Learning Commons, you’ll need to make an appointment before receiving help from the Writing Center, but you can have one appointment per day for up to three days each week. This is a real boon for students and will go a long way in making your study time more productive. You have a choice of meeting someone in person or scheduling a meeting online.

Although the places listed above certainly don’t represent all of the study spaces on campus, they do provide a foundation to help you see which environments work best for you. Check out all of them to gain a better understanding of your ideal study spot.