Posted in: University Posted on: May 18th, 2016

Where to Go near Virginia Commonwealth University on Your Next Study Break

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Studying and exams are only one part of your college life. Meeting new people and experiencing new things is another, one that’s almost equally important. If the two aren’t balanced, it’s easy to burn out after a tough semester. So you should never feel guilty about taking a breather and enjoying the nightlife near Virginia Commonwealth University—consider it part of your curriculum. Here are a few places you should check out on your next study break.

Wine Bar

What better way to unwind than going out for a glass of wine with your friends? One popular spot for vino among students is the Secco Wine Bar, which is located at 2933 W. Cary Street. Its casual-chic atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for dinner with friends or an after-class drink. The food menu includes bread pudding French toast, a grass-fed beef burger, and an artisanal cheese and charcuterie board. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a libation that suits, either, with an extensive selection of both beer and wine. The wine list includes NV Cigarrera Manzanilla, NV Pierre Paillard Champagne, and 2015 Balthazar Rose, and the beer list encompasses suds such as Boddington's Pub Ale, Founders Brewing Porter, and Sam Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout. Most menu prices are less than $20.

Live Music

There’s something special about the energy at a concert, and you can always feel the good vibes at The Camel, located at 1621 W. Broad Street. As live bands play onstage, soak up the sounds while you grab some grub at the bar. The menu includes bayside shrimp, a crab cake sandwich, and a grilled flat iron steak. You can order a whole meal in a price range of about $8 to $16. Catch live performances from musicians such as Lord Nelson and Out East, Skillz and DJ Lonnie B, and the Slack Family Band.

Comedy Club

A night of comedy is just what you need to ease the stress of your semester. Laugh until your sides ache at Coalition Theater, which is located at 8 W. Broad Street. You’ll feel like a part of the show when you have a seat in this small theater, where fresh cookies are served during every sketch comedy or improv show. The shows include 70 Minutes in Heaven, The BroShow, and MegaPower and Friends. Ticket prices range from $5 to $10.


When you want to grab a pint of craft beer, check out the Triple Crossing Brewing Company, located at 113 S. Foushee Street. The casual vibe and outdoor seating makes Triple Crossing a great spot to hang out during the day or evening. Beers on tap include the Single Hop Saison, Snaketail Ale, and Black Cat. You can order your favorite beer or try a new one without breaking the bank since each pint is reasonably priced.

Whether you’re checking out the live entertainment or trying a new dish, there are many things to do near Virginia Commonwealth University. So treat yourself to a study break and get out there to explore.